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Academic Support Services

Academic support services vary greatly from school to school. Some schools view it as an add-on to the curriculum, while others consider it a fundamental part of the educational experience.

NURS FPX 6216 Assessment 3 Budget Negotiations and Communication supports students with personalized academic assistance. Students may be referred by faculty members, or they can come voluntarily.

Peer and Academic Resource Center (PARC)

Academic support services are available in a collaborative environment to encourage and empower students to be independent, resilient learners while at school and beyond. Services range from tutoring to supplemental instruction to student engagement and academic recovery programs.

Our Peer Tutoring Program offers free tutoring for undergraduate courses including math, statistics and science. We also offer Supplemental Instruction, a course where tutors actually sit in the class and provide extra help with the material.

Our Tutor Matcher will help you find the right tutor for your needs. We also provide accommodations and support for students with disabilities, including ADA access concerns. Please visit our ADA page and/or contact the ARC for more information.


Tutoring differs from homework help in that it is more individualized and involves working with a student over a period of time, like an academic term. Tutors are expected to have subject-matter expertise, but also training in the best practices of instruction (pedagogy).

Unlike homework help, which may be just answering questions, tutoring helps students develop better study skills and NURS FPX 6021 Assessment 3 Quality Improvement Presentation Poster learning strategies. These skills are transferred to other classes and academic environments as students learn to take responsibility for their own learning.

Tutoring can help alleviate family stress related to grades and homework, which may result in improved familial relationships. It can also help with self-confidence and a more positive attitude towards schooling. This can lead to an improved rate of completion and a stronger work ethic.

Study Skills

Tutors can teach students strategies for studying and test-taking that are helpful in all subjects. They provide one-on-one help in study skills, which include time management, organization, note taking, textbook analysis and reading speed, improving memory/concentration and managing NURS FPX 6210 Assessment 1 Care Setting Environmental Analysis.

Our pages on study skills offer general advice and are not subject specific, so they will be of benefit to all learners - from those who are new to higher education, to those who have been studying for a long time and those who are continuing their studies as adults. Developing these skills will help you feel more in control, organised and able to meet the new challenges that will inevitably arise at every stage of your academic career.


A counseling service can help students with mental health issues or a lack of social support. It provides a safe, non-judgemental environment where students can express their feelings and thoughts in a way they can’t in other settings. Counselors also work through a student’s personal problems and provide coping NURS FPX 6103 Assessment 2 Applying the Tripartite Model skills.

College can be a stressful time for many, especially for first-generation students who have to manage finances and navigate student loans while juggling their education. Cultural houses and affinity groups can be a place where students can find community as well as support with their academics.

Characterizing what’s deemed “academic support” can be difficult since it covers a wide range of educational strategies and services. For example, academic advising isn’t curriculum-specific, but it helps students choose their major and course schedule.

Student Enrichment and Achievement (SEA)

Student enrichment programs support kids’ cognitive development and social skills, introduce them to new activities or hobbies, and improve their ability to focus. These activities also help them develop a strong work ethic and can provide important life lessons, such as the importance of self-directed learning.

Enrichment programs can include everything from sports and trivia clubs to homework help and martial arts or dance classes. Many of these activities offer a low-stress environment where kids can work on academic tasks without worrying about evaluation, which can help them become more enthusiastic about school.

Schools can provide these services as part of their academic enrichment programs or by leveraging resources funded by the BSCA Stronger Connections Grant. For more information, see the SEA Guidance document.

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