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How to make precise use of DC power 445nm blue laser diode module?
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Comparing with any simple blue laser pointer, in order to make long lasting and high stability dot alignment, it makes better job with a direct diode emission made device of a Berlinlasers 445nm blue laser diode module. Employed by an import 445nm blue laser diode and cooling system built into durable metal housing tube, it achieves superior nice thermal emitting and increasing laser beam stability in constant use.

Only after advanced use of a glass coated lens and glass window inside durable metal housing tube, after strict laser beam stability test up to 24 hours, this blue laser diode module is working well with highly clear blue dot emission within long extending distance of 25 meters. It gets wide range output power of 50mW to 100mW, after correct use of output power and freely adjusted laser dot diameter, it achieves increasing accuracy and stability blue dot alignment at great distance and formal lighting occasion perfectly.

Applications: industrial machinery processing, laser show, laser displaying, laser communication, military targeting and high-tech



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хуита ж

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