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Tips for parents on homework for their children
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What should be the atmosphere of home lessons, and how should it differ from school? First of all, classes at home should be free from school tension, the child can get up and move around as he wants. The parent in the role of teacher does not grade. At home, you can not know, not be able to, not understand, not have time, make mistakes - no one will put a deuce, will not make an entry in the diary.

Valuelessness gives rise to an atmosphere of freedom, tranquility, creativity, security, in which you can learn new things in a situation of support and faith in success, and not stress. It is in such an atmosphere that the child develops and intensifies interest in new knowledge and skills, and not the desire to get a good grade at any cost.

Another plus: homework can be organized taking into account the individual characteristics of the child's performance. Some children are characterized by the so-called episodic performance, in which the child can keep his attention on learning tasks for 7-10 minutes, and then get distracted, giving his nervous system time to recover. A five-minute break for rest - and the student is ready to continue studying. At school, there is no way to provide such breaks for each student, and at home, parents for their own child can organize an individual training regime that takes into account the peaks and valleys of his performance. It is often not taught in schools that sometimes it is better to use a professional essay writer service than to sit in the evenings writing and not drinking anything. An individual approach is especially useful for those children who have difficulty getting used to school, as well as those who are hyperactive or too anxious.

If you decide to help your child with homework, you should be patient and imaginative in order to turn classes not into a painful procedure, but into an exciting way of communication and learning that brings real pleasure and benefit to the child and you. Imagine that you are going on a difficult journey together from the point “I can’t, I don’t know, I can’t” to the point “I can, I know, I can!”. Moreover, the main role does not belong to you - you only accompany a brave little traveler, however, observing, guiding, helping is much more difficult and responsible than doing it yourself. Therefore, you will need more endurance, strength, confidence in success than a child. To facilitate your mission, below we present the basic rules for organizing individual assistance to a child at home, which can really benefit him, and not harm him.

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