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LastPass has announced an update to its iPhone and iPad app
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Password management company LastPass has announced an update to its iPhone and iPad app that includes a new Safari Extension, adding inline autofill and password creation to the mix.

The company revealed that iOS users that have the LastPass Safari extension installed on either their iPhones or iPads will now be able to create, save, and fill in, their login credentials directly within a website or third-party app form field.

These features are a late addition to the LastPass iOS app, but not because LastPass is lazy or anything. Apple previously barred these features from its mobile platforms. It seems that that the company had a change of heart, possibly due to security concerns. Forcing customers to copy-paste login information means that hackers can get this info through the clipboard, which is stupid!

The feature addition means that people are more likely to create unique and strong passwords on the fly, something that is very much a positive.

For now, the new functionality has only made it to iOS endpoints, and to devices sporting the Safari addon. However, during the summer, the company will expand it to include desktop users, as well as other browsers, such as Chrome, or Firefox.

For the best mobile experience, LastPass says customers should turn on autofill in their mobile device settings, and enable the LastPass iOS Safari Extension.

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