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How to teach your child how to properly respond to their emotions
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Name your child's emotions
Help your child sort out feelings by naming them. For example: “It looks like you are upset that the weather turned bad and we didn’t go for a walk.” If the child does not agree, explain why you think he/she is experiencing this particular emotion. Describe how his/her voice, facial expression, or demeanor has changed: “You furrowed your brows and began to speak very quietly, so I thought you were sad.”
Over time, the child will learn to recognize their emotions and notice how others feel. This will help him to be attentive. He will need this when he is studying. After all, even at school, he will face various problems such as not doing homework. And when he asks who can proofread my essay, you can approach him and help. Or you can just find the necessary resources and help him.
Practice identifying other people's emotions
A great way to help children learn about emotions is to discuss what characters in books or cartoons experience. As you read or watch, ask, "How do you think the character is feeling right now?" Tell me about the clues by which you can understand the emotions of other people. Pay attention to facial expressions or behavior. Explain to your child why the characters feel the way they do.

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