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Here's how to find a reliable locksmith
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The key to choosing a reputable locksmith is asking as many questions as you need to feel comfortable. In-demand locksmiths know home security is nerve-wracking, so they’re happy to answer all of your questions and offer helpful suggestions. Whether you’ve purchased a new home and need lock updates or have an emergency lockout situation, this guide can help you find and hire the best locksmiths near you.

You may find some companies making false claims of accreditation and using logos without permission, this is something we come across regularly at the MLA, locksmiths using the MLA logo on their site who are not approved by ourselves.

There are unfortunately some associations where logo use and web promotion is available through payment alone, thereby meaning their “accreditation” actually doesn’t mean that much.

So, how can you choose the best individual for the job? Here’s how to find a reliable locksmith:

    1. Be Clear About the Locksmith Services You Need
    2. Find Out Who Can Provide the Service
    3. Ask Which Locksmith Providers Are Covered
    4. Get an Estimate for the Cost of Services
    5. Request to See Credentials
    6. Pay Attention to the Documentation
    7. Get an Invoice for the Locksmith Services

Look for Red Flags When Searching for a Locksmith
If a locksmith is unwilling to answer industry-standard questions like whether they have proper licensing or their prices during the research and interview process, choose another company. Reputable pros are transparent with their customers.

Other red flags include promises of low rates (without hearing about the problem) and unrealistic response and completion times. These red flags could indicate the locksmith doesn’t have the skills to do the job correctly. You can always check out the Better Business Bureau website to read over previous complaints.

Locksmiths on Google Maps Warning
Be wary of Google Maps Locksmiths as well:

    Sometimes the physical location is ‘made up’ by the company via a virtual address – you will find the business is just a PO Box read about this locksmith scam on Wikipedia
    Google does not verify the addresses supplied by companies.

We have been made aware of map entries for locksmiths being in hairdressers, the middle of a dual carriageway and even in one instance in a public convenience!

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