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This guide is here to provide recommendations on where to look for Fortnite Sky Jellies
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Sky Jellies are wildlife that was added to Fortnite at the beginning of Chapter 4 Season 1, and one of the current "This Week" quests instructs players to jump on them in order to gain health or shields. While this instruction is quite straightforward, finding Sky Jellies in Fortnite can prove to be a bit difficult. For those fans that are indeed struggling to find these creatures, this guide is here to provide recommendations on where to look for them.

Sky Jelly Locations in Fortnite
Sky Jellies spawn at random across Battle Royale Island, making them a bit trickier to track down. You will find Sky Jellies most often in the "warm weather" areas of Battle Royale Island. This would include the autumn-colored area around The Citdel, Anvil Square, and Shattered Slabs or the green "summery" colored areas around Slappy Shores, Faulty Splits, or Frenzy Fields.

We recommend searching the area along the border of where the "autumn" and the "summer" areas meet on the west side of the island, from Anvil Square down to Shattered Slabs.

Sky Jellies will also tend to spawn into the island later into a match, so if you are not finding any Sky Jellie straight away, don't give up! There is still time for them to appear.

How to Gain Health or Shield from Sky Jellies?
Once you spot a group of Sky Jellies, simply jump toward them, and they will give you shields or health. One Sky Jellie adds 20 health/shields to your hero, and to complete the Fortnite Week 4 challenge, you need three of them to gain 50 shields or health.

There is one thing you need to know. If you are at full health/shields and you jump towards Sky Jellies, nothing will happen. Also, don’t shoot at the Sky Jellies.

The quest is cumulative, and you will have plenty of options to complete the quest.

Fortnite is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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