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Media Accreditation

Rule for the media during FC Dnipro matches

1. Media representatives should respect participants of the game and their colleagues and be guided by the Law of Ukraine about the media.

2. Working during match is allowed only on the basis of accreditation issued by the Football Club Dnipro.

3. Journalists should not approach the participants of game for interviews or comments during the match. Interviews can be arranged only after the match in the mixed zone.

4. Accredited cameramen and photojournalists allowed be only in designated locations during the match. Moving from one gate to another is permitted only during a break in the match. Located along the sideline of the field during the match is forbidden.

5. Every photographer and cameraman should get a standard bib before the match and wear it throughout the match.

6. Access of photographers and cameramen to the football field is forbidden.

7. Photographers and cameramen have do not obstruct to the official broadcaster representatives working.

8. Press conference after the match is available to all accredited media.

9. After the games monitoring of the effectiveness of present at the match media (originality, competence, efficiency, volume of material) is carried out. Accordingly the results it decided whether to issue the accreditation for the next match or season.

FC Dnipro reserves the right to revoke the accreditation of the media in case of violation of this rule or in the case of the spread the false and untruthful information about the activities of the club.

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